Opening a bank account in Australia

Depositing your wages and paying for daily expenses is much easier once you've opened a bank account in Australia. You'll be able to avoid long processing times, super high transfer fees and other costs (such as credit card interest) when carrying out necessary transactions.

Applocation will help you compare and contrast the different types of bank accounts available from Australian banks, as well as international banks operating in Australia, from savings accounts to cheque accounts, and even accounts that come with Visa or Mastercard debit cards. The app will walk you through the process of opening an Australian bank account, including how much identification is required and what you need to bring to the bank when making your application. On the timeline accessible from the main screen, these tasks will be integrated into the move planning schedule. Some banks allow you to start the process before you arrive in country- Applocation will let you know which providers offer this service.

The app will also prompt you to consider private health insurance, which is necessary for most people migrating to Australia (except for a limited few countries which have reciprocal agreements with our government). You'll be able to compare, contrast and in some cases apply for health insurance in Australia, according to your needs.

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