Australian passport and visa information

Getting the right visa is the first and most important step in migrating to Australia. However, the rules and regulations change frequently, and can be difficult to understand, especially for non-English speakers. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship publishes information on their website, but it's not always easy to interpret and keep track of in a straightforward way. Australian visa information can be explained to you by a registered migration agent, but that can cost you thousands of dollars even before your application has been approved.

That's where the Applocation Australia visa information app comes in.

By putting in a few simple details about where you're coming from, what you're going to do, how long you want to stay in the country, and who's going to come with you, you can identify the visa that's right for you. Your selection will then be integrated into your immigration planning project, including everything from the right application fee (deducted from your project budget) to timelines.

Applocation makes it easy to plan and prepare for your move all from one screen. It's the first Australia information iPhone & iPad app that's designed for immigrants; unlike some tourist information apps and business apps from national movers, it's got everything you need to get here and get settled in with a minimum of fuss.

And the best part? It's totally free to download from the iTunes store- so get started today!

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